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Here's What Our Clients Are Saying...

Lisa C. Author

Pam is an online course wizard! 

I couldn’t believe how she took my writing and transformed it into a creative, engaging, accessible online course. I absolutely love the course. I feel really proud of it. 

Laura C. Marketing Manager

From start to finish, working with Pam was a real pleasure. 

We hadn’t produced a video before, so didn’t even know where to start. With only a short brief and a few phone calls Pam delivered something beyond what we could have hoped for! We are using the video to help with our sales process and lead generation, and the content Pam has produced has already saved us hours of calls and emails!  

Stuart A. Publishing Manager

Eight Interactive has been, invaluable to the development of animated educational videos for our MBA distance learners.  

The team grasps topics quickly, through detailed dialogue with our faculty members. 

Then they design, structure and script videos for us in a clear, engaging and visually appealing way.

Feedback from students has been extremely positive.

You might be wondering...

Who even made this guide? 

This guide is brought to you by Pam Jones at Eight Interactive. 

We’re the UK's leading expert in animated videos for elearning and global elearning content creators since 2001. 

We've created over 3,200 pieces of interactive elearning content for: 

  • Training companies 
  • Learning and Development Departments 
  • Universities

And we'd love to do the same for you!

We're not just another video production company. We're elearning experts first and foremost and create animated videos for learning. 

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Pam Jones